Frequent Questions


Q  -  What is Resamplr?

A  -  Resamplr is a new online place for digital instruments. We hope to make high quality stuff at an affordable price, with a focus on openness and community. Audio is one of the areas still largely untouched by good, open programs and programming, and we hope to change that.


Q  -  How can I purchase instruments from Resamplr?

A  -  Right now, we use Stripe to take all major credit cards. We are working to implement alternative payment methods like Bitcoin in the future.

Q  -  If I buy something available in multiple formats, do I have to buy the specific format? Are there any downsides?

A  -  Nope! If you puchase an instrument on Resamplr, all formats listed are included. Because different software has different capabilities, keep in mind that not all formats will have the same features. We are working to make these differences more easily visible.

Q  -  Is the software to use these samples free?

A  -  Sometimes. There are many free SoundFont players available for your host of choice, but proprietary formats almost always require a purchase. We are working on our own in-house plugin that will be fully featured and free to use.

Q  -  I have a problem with something I purchased.

A  -  If you are having a specific issue with something you purchased, please contact us directly.

Q  -  I want to return something I purchased.

A  -  Please contact our support email in order to get a refund for any item purchased. Please keep in mind that there is a time window for the return period.


Q  -  How can I download something I own?

A  -  You can reach a list of all of your owned products by navigating to the "Account" tab. From there, you can download any version of any owned product. We are working on a native desktop solution to further streamline this process.

Q  -  Can I share my download link with others?

A  -  No. Sharing your download link will not work unless the other person is signed into your account. Sharing your account details may lead to your account being terminated.

Q  -  Is there DRM (Digital Rights Management) on downloads?

A  -  Unless the target platform requires some form of DRM, Resamplr will try to keep DRM minimal. We understand that DRM is often harmful to the consumer. If you are having trouble with DRM, please contact support. We value your opinion on this matter.


Q  -  How do different formats (e.g. Kontakt and Soundfont) differ?

A  -  It depends on the instrument, but in most cases Kontakt is (for now) a first class citizen. That means that most described features (especially those dependent on a UI) will be Kontakt specific. This is also due to limitations of other platforms. It's impossible to do the same stuff with soundfonts or pure WAV files that you can currently do with Kontakt. Resamplr recognizes this, and we're working towards building a sampler of our own.

Q  -  Do I need Kontakt full or is Kontakt player fine?

A  -  All instruments that rely on Kontakt require the full purchased version. The free player will NOT work.

Direct Support

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